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and withdrawal

Deposit and withdrawal from the trading account is available using cryptocurrencies -
tron trc-20, ethereum ERC-20, bitcoin btc

Financial transactions are carried out in the client's personal account or using a telegram bot. Icon

How to deposit funds?

You can fund a trading account or a personal wallet. What is the difference?
Wallet funds do not participate in trading.

To top up your wallet, click the top up button in your BTC or USDT wallet.
To replenish a trading account, click the Deposit button next to the trading account number.
Please note that in order to open a trading account of the Professional and Advanced types, the funds must first be on the wallet

How to withdraw funds from a trading account?


To withdraw, click the button «withdrawal», select the currency in which the withdrawal will be, carefully enter the wallet number! Ethereum ERC-20, Tron TRC-20 or BTC. Pay attention to the fees charged by the payment system!

An email will be sent to your email address with a link to confirm the transaction. Follow the link within 30 minutes, otherwise the application will be canceled. Please note that once the transaction is confirmed, the funds deducted from your personal wallet or trading account. In case of cancellation of the application, the funds are returned to where they were withdrawn from (personal wallet or trading account). If you are tired of canceling the application, then this can be done through the support service using telegrams or by e-mail

The withdrawal request is processed within 24 hours from the moment of your confirmation, in case of compliance with KYC and AML Icon