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How to become a member of a priority club?

Membership in the club is available to clients with fixed equity in the account in the amount
of $50,000 or more

Fill out the form and the manager will contact you.

Form of communication

    Special bonus conditions

    For club members, we offer a bonus of up to 100% of the deposit amount with
    the ability to withdraw funds from
    the trading account. *up to 20% of the amount of the received bonus per month in agreement with the company

    Trading fee refund

    Refund of 20% of the commission paid when opening transactions. The return occurs to the trading account at the end of the billing month.


    Choose the trading signal of your choice and we will refund your spent amount to your trading account!


    If necessary, we will credit your trading account with the amount necessary to maintain open positions. To receive an advance payment, contact your personal manager.

    Gold level
    affiliate program

    Members of the Strifor professional club automatically become gold level partners and receive increased rewards for trading referred clients.

    Priority withdrawal
    within an hour

    Withdrawal requests are processed within one hour during business hours.


    Your personal
    manager in Telegram.

    Deposit fee

    We refund the commission paid by you when replenishing your trading account.


    Who can join the Strifor Priority Club?

    Any client whose trading account funds are over $50,000, excluding bonus funds.

    What are the benefits of the bonus program for club members?

    You can withdraw from the account an amount not exceeding 20% of the amount of accrued bonuses without debiting bonus funds from the account.

    What is the time frame for withdrawing funds from the account for members of the Strifor Priority Club?

    Withdrawal is carried out within 1 hour on working days from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 21.00 GMT +3.

    How is a part of the trading commission refunded?

    On the first business day of the month following the billing month, a refund of 20% of the commission paid will be credited to your account.

    How can I get an advance payment?

    By agreement with your personal manager in the company.

    How and for what questions can I contact my personal manager?

    The manager is available via Telegram, on weekdays from 9 am to 21 pm GMT + 3. You can consult on the issues of depositing and withdrawing funds, the operation of the platform and website, and on the settings of the trading platform. The company's manager does not provide trading advice.

    How can I get trading signals for free?

    Choose signals in MSQL service, send confirmation of payment, and the funds will be returned to your trading account.

    If my balance decreases after joining the Strifor Priority Club, will I still be a member of the club?

    Yes, you will remain a member of the club even if the balance decreases.